Get Your Mind Right

celebrating healthSetting our minds into action is the first step in accomplishing any goal. With the right mindset, we can focus our efforts to achieve anything; with the wrong mindset, our efforts can become futile as self-doubt and self-sabotage set the stage. To truly embrace a positive state of mind and set yourself up for success, complete the following coaching exercise and reflect on it daily:

1. What is your “Big 5 for Life”?

Your Big 5 for Life are the 5 things that must happen in your life before you die.

What must you create?

What do you really want to achieve?

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to be?


2. What are your Top 5 Values you stand for?

For example:  Honesty, passion, beauty, excellence, authenticity, freedom, spiritual, etc.

Write down just 5 of them. Note how your top 5 values influence your BIG 5 and the goals in your life.


3. LAST DAY STATEMENT:  3 or 4 paragraphs

What must have you achieved by the time your days are up?

What do you want your life to stand for?

What do you wish to create by your last day?

What is your legacy?

What is your dash-mark (ie what defines the space between the beginning and end of your life)?

Spend 10-20 minutes just writing what you want out of life.

This is a powerful exercise that helps create clarity and vision for yourself. With the end of the year approaching and busy holiday times right around the corner, use this exercise to help chisel out the things that are most important in your life so that you can concentrate on creating a meaningful end to your year and set the stage to really explode with purpose and energy for the beginning of next year.

Write out your answers and post them somewhere you can view them every day. A daily reminder of these core principles in your life will help you steer clear of distraction and focus your efforts on being the best possible version of yourself.

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