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Archive for gut


Health Benefits of Fermented Foods: A Scientific Perspective

A cornerstone of the diets of many traditional cultures, fermented foods have historically been revered for their health-promoting and medicinal properties. Modern science is now beginning to pay that same reverence to the constituents of beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods that serve to enhance the microbial environment of the human gut. Individuals in the […]

chickpea miso soup

GUT HEALING RECIPE: Vegetable Miso Soup with Chickpeas

Miso contains beneficial bacteria and zybiocolin, which help balance gut flora and eliminate free radicals from the body. Combine the salty miso flavors with the benefits of soluble fiber found in carrots and squash for a warm, inviting soup. Ingredients 2 tablespoon coconut oil (refined) 1/2 yellow onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 carrots, peeled […]

digestion clip

Digestion 101

A quick primer on the journey of our food and nutrition through the digestive system courtesy of WHFoods.com (click for enlarged view).

squash soup

Squash Medley Soup

Squash is a versatile vegetable, high in soluble fiber, which is often soothing to the gut for those with digestive troubles. This recipe combines the fibrous benefits of squash and carrots with the digestive aid (and deliciousness) of homemade bone broth. Ingredients 1 cup summer squash 1 cup winter squash 1 cup carrots 2 cups shiitake […]


How Faulty Digestion Can Wreck Your Thyroid

In my work with clients, I always begin with a comprehensive health assessment form and one area that gets checked off frequently is hypothyroidism. While many individuals, particularly women, have been clinically diagnosed with low thyroid function, others suspect it because of challenges with weight gain, thinning hair, sleep difficulties, and a whole host of […]

chicken beets

GUT HEALING RECIPE: Ginger Chicken with Cultured Beets

I’ll be honest: I never like beets as a kid, not even as an adult…until I tried the organic, spicy, raw cultured beets from Vital Choice! They are good – REALLY GOOD. Pair these delicious beets as a side dish with this ginger chicken recipe (ginger is a potent gut-healing spice) and you get the […]


The Digestive Detective Radio Show – Episode 2

Leaky gut or intestinal permeability is a growing area of research that has already shown links to autoimmune disorders. Check out the recorded podcast from “The Digestive Detective Radio Show” and discover: What leaky gut is Current research into intestinal permeability How intestinal permeability triggers autoimmunity The “Triad” of Autoimmunity How to improve and protect […]

spicy jamaican pumpkin soup

GUT HEALING RECIPE: Spicy Jamaican Pumpkin Soup

With a combination of probiotics supplied by the kefir and the nutrients from the homemade chicken broth, this simple soup is a great addition to your gut healing program. If you do not tolerate dairy, simply skip the kefir for now and make a less creamy version of the soup. Remember that you can also […]