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“Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.” Marcus Valerius Martial

healthy african american coupleLooking for individualized digestive health solutions and nutrition coaching? Designed with your unique situation and goals in mind, clinical, integrative nutrition consultations are offered via Skype, email, and phone to maximize efficiency. You have consistent support and access to me as your coach as we work together to develop a comprehensive strategy that empowers you to overcome your health challenges, realize your goals, and guides you on a journey to optimal health. Integrative Nutrition is a new, progressive and exciting model that differs from standard dietetic practice.

How Is Integrative Nutrition Different?

"Integrative nutritionists use science-based diet and nutrition therapies to support your personal health and well-being. They recognize that individualized nutrition is essential to health and their integrative approach is not limited to one dietary theory. Their support may include the use of conventional and non-conventional dietary philosophies rooted in traditional practice and scientific evidence.

Food can be powerful medicine, affecting your overall health and vitality as well as every function of your body. In fact, what you eat and drink literally becomes the very substance of your body. Whole foods, eaten and prepared properly, can effect profound changes in mind, body, and spirit."

Nutrition Consultations

My focus is to develop a comprehensive strategy based on an integrative and functional framework that examines not only what you eat, but your entire health history and lifestyle influences to identify current imbalances and the triggers that may be preventing you from reaching the health you desire.  We'll sit down together and discuss your signs and symptoms, review recent blood-work to examine any imbalances, discuss current nutritional intake, and look at other factors such as physical activity, sleep and stress to build a structure for your program. Your comprehensive program will include:

  • Initial biometrics and nutritional physical assessment
  • Health history review
  • Insight into current health challenges
  • Nutritional blood-work analysis
  • Customized nutritional recommendations
  • Personalized, evidence-based dietary plan
  • Precision supplement protocol to support health improvement
  • Educational & resource materials
  • Tools and trackers to help you manage your action steps
  • Access to my clinical dispensary of online professional-grade nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals and natural health products at discount
  • Email access for answers to questions between appointments
Initial Consultation, Blood Chemistry Analysis & Protocol Development:
90 minutes, $165
Follow-up sessions (includes advancement of protocol, review of client progress, additional consultation):
60 minutes, $120
To schedule your online nutrition consultation email jason@digestivedetective.com.  

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