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"I started working with Jason in August 2007. I was on a personal quest to provide a healthy lifestyle for myself and be a good role model to my children. Jason has been an integral part in teaching me proper techniques of exercise, providing motivation, nutrition counseling, and an overall caring spirit. When I started this journey, I was not interested in the numbers on the scale, nor am I interested now. This isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle. Setting personal goals has been a big part of my success. I have entered well over a dozen races/tours to help me remain motivated and keep me moving forward. I also changed my nutritional habits as of Feb 2008. I have taken on a vegan diet, which has been challenging yet fun. TheFitRx has been a foundation for my success, and will continue to be a part of my journey to live fit!"

Danielle B.


"Jason provides a lot of information and motivation to help guide me in my program. I was hesitant at first about working with a personal trainer, but after about the first month – I was hooked! I consider Jason as not only my trainer, but as my coach and resource for all my health & fitness needs. Now, if I miss an exercise session, I can feel it physically and mentally – and Jason keeps me accountable. Since I started, I’ve lost almost 25 pounds, over 5 inches off my waist, and am more fit than ever!"

Scott J.


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"I have worked with Jason for the past 17 months. With his guidance and patience, I have lost 60 pounds and obtained a level of physical fitness I never believed possible. There were many times I doubted my ability to succeed, but Jason provided me with strategies to meet my goals. His knowledge of fitness and nutrition is extensive. His commitment to his clients and to customer service is superior."

Joanne O.



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