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Community Connect

Connect, compete, and build camaraderie until your heart's content (and your muscles are sore).

Through Community Connect, you can link up with other fitness enthusiasts to share tips, challenge one another, and get support from fellow members working towards the same goals. As a member, you’ll have access to activity feeds that display discussions among other members – find inspiration or join in on the conversation to contribute your ideas.

With our Groups feature, you can join with other members of similar goals and interests to share your passion. Use groups to discuss topics of interest, trade tips for overcoming challenges, and hold each other accountable. You also have the opportunity to create your own group! Are you a yoga fanatic? A marathoner? Bodybuilder? Stay-at-home mom? Unicyclist? – the sky’s the limit.

Our coaches contribute to the groups to answer questions and provide insight into exercise, nutrition and training. Human connection plays a vital role in the achievement of a goal. You may have used the “buddy system” at some point in the gym; now imagine having dozens of buddies cheering you on and experts chiming in to guide you along. Pretty cool, huh? Get engaged in your health & fitness and get connected now.

Use the drop-down menu under the Community menu tab to access Groups, Members and the current Activity Feed. Peek in on what members and groups are up to and join one that fits your interests or blaze a new trail by setting up your very own and inviting others to join you.

Throw out challenges, track your progress and get accountability both from other members as well as one of our coaches that "pop in" to the groups time to time to fire you up and help answer questions.

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Be Sociable, Share!