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Digestion Discussion: “A Tribe Called Health” Podcast Interview

Real Food Summit: Food Synergy with Jason Bosley-Smith


digestion clip

Digestion 101

A quick primer on the journey of our food and nutrition through the digestive system courtesy of WHFoods.com (click for enlarged view).

wellness woman

How to Become a “Well-Being”

It’s not just about diet and exercise. When considering the factors that influence the way we look (and more importantly feel & function) we have to look beyond the narrow focus of food and movement to the broader lens that includes our relationships with ourselves and others, our sleep, stress, mindset, purpose and more; in […]


The Digestive Detective Radio Show – Episode 2

Leaky gut or intestinal permeability is a growing area of research that has already shown links to autoimmune disorders. Check out the recorded podcast from “The Digestive Detective Radio Show” and discover: What leaky gut is Current research into intestinal permeability How intestinal permeability triggers autoimmunity The “Triad” of Autoimmunity How to improve and protect […]

digestive disturbance

“The Digestive Detective” Radio Show – Episode 1

The very first episode of “The Digestive Detective” Radio Show! The Digestive Detective Radio Show provides listeners with information to improve digestive health & nutrition. This episode: Not-So-Normal Digestive Disturbances. Discover how “common” digestive ailments may not necessarily be normal and what may be at the root cause of your digestive troubles. For more episodes […]

i will


Comment with your goals/intentions for the month of July below. What WILL YOU DO to change, improve and enhance your health, well-being and LIFE during the month of July?


Love Thyself

If you want to help others, make sure that you start with being selfish and serving yourself. Let me explain. You cannot help anybody in a significant and sustainable manner if you don’t make yourself strong first. Is useless to others who is useless to oneself. One needs to learn and grow in order to […]


10 Human Regrets & 10 Human Victories

To spark some incentive and energy for your goals and life in this new year, I thought I’d share this excerpt from life and business coach Robin Sharma on the 10 Human Regrets and 10 Human Victories. Sharma encourages all of his clients and his circle to live the best life possible and to leave […]

Real Food Recipe – Bison Burgers with Greek Spread

*Video: real food recipe demonstration by health coach jason bosley-smithFollow along with Health Coach Jason Bosley-Smith as he walks you through the preparation and cooking of this awesome, real food recipe!  

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