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Archive for Digestion


Is Weight Gain a Digestive Problem?

Digestive problems influence the body in many ways, from creating nutrient deficiencies to producing uncomfortable, and often debilitating symptoms – but can they cause weight gain? The recent explosion in research around the microbiome and gut bacteria has opened the doors to a whole host of issues that can result from disruptions in the GI […]


The One Nutrient That Can Improve Crohn’s Disease

Fiber has been touted for years as a beneficial nutrient in aiding digestion, lowering cholesterol, improving blood sugar regulation, and for weight loss/maintenance. Recent research is adding another advantage to the long list of health benefits associated with fiber: reduced colon inflammation. This specific benefit offers a dietary, modifiable method to aid in the prevention […]


Digestion Discussion: “A Tribe Called Health” Podcast Interview

Toilet paper

Fecal Matters

Everybody poops. Its a matter of fact and a matter of health. While discussing our bathroom habits is still considered somewhat taboo, having a sense of your elimination process is an important determinant of both digestive and overall health. Factors such as stool frequency, motility, color, texture, and transit time can all send signals as […]


7 Ways to Improve Gallbladder Function (even if you don’t have one anymore)

Each year, over 700,000 gallbladder removal surgeries (medically referred to as cholecystectomy) are performed, making this procedure one of the most commonly conducted surgeries. The rationale behind gallbladder removal may include the presence of gallstones or a “sluggish” gallbladder that doesn’t flow and adequately transport bile. The introduction of laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in 1987 simplified […]


Gluten’s Influence on Weight Gain and IBS

While many physicians and those in the public health arena still scoff at the idea that gluten is problematic in the diet, a variety of new clinical studies point to the numerous deleterious effects that this protein can have on individuals. Recent research findings have exhibited gluten’s influence on weight gain as well as its […]


Health Benefits of Fermented Foods: A Scientific Perspective

A cornerstone of the diets of many traditional cultures, fermented foods have historically been revered for their health-promoting and medicinal properties. Modern science is now beginning to pay that same reverence to the constituents of beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods that serve to enhance the microbial environment of the human gut. Individuals in the […]


How Faulty Digestion Can Wreck Your Thyroid

In my work with clients, I always begin with a comprehensive health assessment form and one area that gets checked off frequently is hypothyroidism. While many individuals, particularly women, have been clinically diagnosed with low thyroid function, others suspect it because of challenges with weight gain, thinning hair, sleep difficulties, and a whole host of […]

bone broth

3 Fantastic Foods for Digestive Health

Your nutrition is only as good as your digestion; luckily, you can use elements of your nutrition and diet to improve your digestion. The first place to begin is by eliminating the common culprits that can plague our gastrointestinal tracts. In general, if you are experiencing digestive issues, you’d be wise to avoid the following: […]