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aaron rodgers super bowl

2 Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, 2 years in a row.

Get the training techniques, nutrition tips and mental exercises that elevated Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers to Super Bowl Champion status! Top trainer Todd Durkin has outlined a complete plan for you to get your mind and your body right! As the trainer for Brees, Rodgers and a host of top-level professional athletes, Durkin has created […]

Our feature in the IDEA Fitness Journal!

In the current February issue of the IDEA Health & Fitness Association Fitness Journal, I am honored to be featured among a group of top-industry fitness professionals in an article entitled “The Best Boot Camp Moves You’re Not Using.” In the article, I outline a unique variation on a traditional arm exercise that kicks it […]

pop pop pic

WHO Inspires You?

Last week a true icon of health & fitness, Jack Lalanne, passed away at the ripe, old age of 96. Lalanne was ahead of his time, serving as a pioneer in the industry with a laundry list of accomplishments: A sugar addict as a kid, he changed his life at 15 by swearing off flour, […]


If a dumbbell drops in a gym, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Have you been to the gym lately? In the beginning of the year, gyms are a crowded sea of bodies, full of everyone devoutly adhering to their “New Year’s Resolution.” Now fast forward to March – the same crowded fitness floors become a desolate wasteland of lost motivation and failed resolutions. What started off as […]

dumbbell apple

The Transformation Has Begun!

We are officially 7 days into our 21-Day Body Transformation Program here at TheFitRx.com and so far the group is doing a fantastic job! The first step in transforming your body begins by transforming your mind so our participant’s first step was to identify their “WHY” – their deep purpose and motivation for wanting change […]

Welcome to TheFitRx!

Welcome and thank you for visiting TheFitRx.com! For some time I’ve wanted to develop a way to share my training philosophy and methods online; the result: TheFitRx.com. The FitRx.com is your prescription for a healthy, fit lifestyle. My goal is to go beyond simply being a health & fitness resource site – there are plenty […]

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