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Dirty 4-Letter Words

Can’t and don’t. Out of all of the 4-letter words in the English language, these two are by far the most insidious. Use of these words perpetuates a negative mindset; a state of stagnation that paralyzes anyone who speaks them regularly and with conviction. It is within these words that dreams are never realized; risks […]


Creators of Circumstance

“We are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance.” – Benjamin Disraeli We each have it within us–the power to create our own circumstances. This power allows us to regain control over situations and react in a way that provides the most opportunity to turn a challenge into a learning experience; an obstacle […]


How to Choose An Exceptional Personal Trainer

With so many of us on the go nowadays, it’s often hard to find time to fit fitness into our daily routines. Even more challenging is the task of finding an exercise program that is effective, efficient and most importantly, one that we’ll actually stick with. Marketers, manufacturers, infomercials and self-proclaimed “fitness gurus” offer a […]

airbrush tanning

Get Skinny with Airbrush Tanning!

That was the message tiled across the outdoor sign of a salon that I passed over this past weekend. The message conveys two key points that in part define the issues our society and population are currently having in regard to health and the obesity epidemic: 1. Quick-fix mentality 2. Aesthetic-focused culture The quick-fix mentality […]

tired woman

Sleep Better Tonight

When I meet with clients for the first time and go over a basic health questionnaire, one area of health that few ever consider but inevitably feel challenged with is their sleep. Commonly I hear complaints of getting too little sleep, having trouble falling asleep, waking in the middle of the night, or rising in […]

healthy gut

Colorectal Cancer Awareness and The Brain-Gut Connection

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, so as the month ends, I felt it appropriate to highlight some of the most important measures you can take to help ensure optimal digestive health, and prevent/lower your risk for this disease. Here is a brief overview of this type of cancer from the National Institute of Health: […]

eat naked

Do You Eat NAKED?

Last night I was listening to my favorite podcast from Sean Croxton and Underground Wellness with featured author Zoe Harcomb. Sean and Zoe were discussing her new book The Obesity Epidemic and the current plight of nutritional habits in our country. The interview was fantastic as Zoe espoused facts and findings she discovered in her […]

celebrating health

Ageless Health

WOW! I just finished my interview with Dr. Thomas Roselle of the Roselle Center for Healing and it was AWESOME! Dr. Roselle spoke about his new book Health Is A Do-It-Yourself Program. In the book, Dr. Roselle expands on the Triad of Health, the Five Factors and their interdependence on establishing optimal wellness. The impetus of the […]


You Can’t Hit a Target You Can’t See

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the IDEA Health & Fitness Association Personal Trainer Institute in Alexandria, Virginia. This annual event brings together the best minds in fitness to share insights and education for the industry. Top level professionals and those aspiring to elevate their abilities gather to learn from one another […]

weight loss pants

Is Your Workout Plan Working For You?

Adhering to a fitness program is challenging; it’s even more challenging when you don’t see the changes you’re working towards. Instead of banging your head against a wall and feeling frustrated over your attempts to create change in your body and life, choose a path that leads to success. Last month we ran our first […]

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