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stomach ache

The Enemy Within

I’m sure most people can remember the terrifying and just plain gross scene from the original Aliens film where the baby alien explodes out of the man’s stomach while he’s lying on the table – it’s a hard scene to forget. (if you haven’t seen it and want to be thoroughly freaked out today, look […]

dunkin man

Time to Make the Organic Donuts!

I was shopping at the new Wegman’s that recently opened near my home this past weekend when I came across a freezer case of “organic” foods. Immediately, the “organic donuts” jumped out at me. My spidey-sense was going crazy telling me that there were some slick ad execs behind that box of tasty treats. Organic […]

school lunch

Tomato Paste is a Vegetable? School Lunches in Shambles

This is just ridiculous. Not surprising, but still ridiculous. Last week, Congress released the final version of a spending bill that all but ensures school lunches continue to be the unhealthy hot mess that they currently are. Here’s a summary from The NY Daily News: “The final version of a spending bill released late Monday […]


Start Your Day the Haka Way

Kia Ora from New Zealand! As many of you know, I’m presently traveling for part vacation, part networking down in New Zealand. This is an amazing country, rich with culture, sweeping landscapes (check out the pic below of the black sand beach and shoreline at Muriwai Beach) and storied history. Maori were the first to […]

frustrated man on scale

Your Workout Doesn’t Matter

Your workout doesn’t matter. That’s right, you read that correctly. You’re probably wondering why an “exercise guy” and personal trainer would dare utter those words. Please allow me to explain. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 11 years and have worked with dozens of clients. I’ve worked in large health club facilities and watched hundreds […]

soy ad

Soy Syndrome: Man Boobs and Training Bras

I was walking down the aisle at a certain superstore that shall go unnamed last week and was stopped dead in my tracks by the sign on the right. I stood staring a the sign shaking my head probably to the confusion of the other shoppers. I immediately whipped out my phone, took a quick pic […]


Have You Ever Seen A Fat Sprinter?

When performing cardio many people look to the “fat burning zone” on cardio machines to gauge their intensity. The truth is, although working at lower intensities does rely more on fat stores for energy, only a small amount of fat is used when exercising just below the lactate threshold. The RATE of caloric expenditure and […]


Hormone Havoc: From Hunter-Gatherer to Desk Jockey

Times have changed. Over the past hundred years tasks and job functions have changed dramatically and our personal environments and daily stressors are world’s away from what they used to be. While comfort and convenience are certainly improved, they’ve come with a price – poor nutrient-deficient foods, sedentary lifestyles, and chronic external/internal stress. While it […]

grandpa father son

You Are What You Eat (so are your kids, grandkids, etc.)

“We all know that you can truncate your own life if you smoke or overeat, but it’s becoming clear that those same bad behaviors can also predispose your kids — before they are even conceived — to disease and early death.” – John Cloud, TIME magazine This is the concept behind the newly emerging field […]

stuart smalley

Harness Your Inner Stuart Smalley

Yesterday I wrote about the 2 dirty words that create a mindset in opposition to achievement and change: CAN’T and DON’T. (check out yesterday’ blog here) In the course of creating change, harnessing your abilities, discovering your internal motivation and fostering a positive attitude are the key elements. Today, we’ll examine the ways in which you can […]

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