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paleo foods

3 Reasons You Should “Go Paleo”

While opponents or the media portray the “Paleo Diet” as just another trend or fad, there is increasing evidence (both clinical trials and anecdotal) that supports the adoption of a Paleo-style approach to diet, movement, and overall lifestyle. This last aspect may be the key: that the way in which we live in our modern world is […]

healthy piggy bank

Health Prosperity or Poverty – Which Are You Living?

Medicine and health-care have changed dramatically over time from a model that was largely based on the person as a whole to a focus that largely took the person out of the equation and focused mainly on a part of the individual (system, organ, cell). Luckily, the pendulum is beginning to swing back in the […]


The Digestive Detective Radio Show – Episode 2

Leaky gut or intestinal permeability is a growing area of research that has already shown links to autoimmune disorders. Check out the recorded podcast from “The Digestive Detective Radio Show” and discover: What leaky gut is Current research into intestinal permeability How intestinal permeability triggers autoimmunity The “Triad” of Autoimmunity How to improve and protect […]

digestive disturbance

“The Digestive Detective” Radio Show – Episode 1

The very first episode of “The Digestive Detective” Radio Show! The Digestive Detective Radio Show provides listeners with information to improve digestive health & nutrition. This episode: Not-So-Normal Digestive Disturbances. Discover how “common” digestive ailments may not necessarily be normal and what may be at the root cause of your digestive troubles. For more episodes […]

diet not working

The Reason Your Diet is Failing You

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been on a diet (or are on one right now). Alright, now keep your hand raised if that diet worked/is working for you (meaning it has created long-term, sustainable weight loss and maintenance). How many hands went down? More than a few I’m guessing. The reasons diets tend to […]


Liver Toxicity, Sterility and Hair Growth in the Mouth: The Effects of GMOs

I’m a big proponent of being aware of what you put in your body. I encourage clients to read labels, talk to grocers and chat with farmer’s at markets to gain an understanding of what is in each of the items they’ll eventually put into their bodies. But what happens when there’s no way to […]

sick baby

Is Your Baby Eating Poison?

INGREDIENTS: Corn Syrup Solids, Soy Protein Isolate, High Oleic Safflower Oil, Sugar, Soy Oil. Sounds like a recipe for disaster right? Any guesses as to what this fine list of ingredients is referring to? Cookies maybe? Perhaps some kind of candy bar? Guess again. These are the beginning ingredients of infant formula. My guess (and hope) […]


Are You Up For The Challenge?

In honor of March being National Nutrition Month, I’m issuing a challenge: The 30-Day Nutrient Exchange. Far too often when I speak with individuals regarding their nutrition or coach clients, they’re more concerned with food quantity and how many calories they’re eating while not paying attention to the quality of the foods they put in their mouth. […]

sugar cravings

The Reason Behind Your Sugar & Carb Cravings

You walk by that box of donuts in the break room and hear them calling your name. The candy machine at work seems to beckon you as you pass by. You have a bagel for breakfast and then find yourself craving some bread for lunch and pasta for dinner. You feel like you can’t help […]


Germs Gone WILD!

No, this isn’t a blog about bacteria that get drunk on spring break. The focus of this article is on the role of microorganisms in our gut and the health consequences that can occur when those microorganisms get out of balance. Internal Environment Our gut is a complex internal organ containing a rich environment of […]

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