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Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Disease Prevention

Inflammation is the basis of nearly all modern, chronic disease processes. Cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and many more, all have as part of their pathology, underlying inflammatory aspects. Part of this internal environment of systemic inflammation may be in part linked to a imbalance in dietary fat intake between omega-3 fatty acids (anti-inflammatory) and […]

squash soup

Squash Medley Soup

Squash is a versatile vegetable,¬†high in soluble fiber, which is often soothing to the gut for those with digestive troubles. This recipe combines the fibrous benefits of squash and carrots with the digestive aid (and deliciousness) of homemade bone broth. Ingredients 1 cup summer squash 1 cup winter squash 1 cup carrots 2 cups shiitake […]


How Faulty Digestion Can Wreck Your Thyroid

In my work with clients, I always begin with a comprehensive health assessment form and one area that gets checked off frequently is hypothyroidism. While many individuals, particularly women, have been clinically diagnosed with low thyroid function, others suspect it because of challenges with weight gain, thinning hair, sleep difficulties, and a whole host of […]

chicken beets

GUT HEALING RECIPE: Ginger Chicken with Cultured Beets

I’ll be honest: I never like beets as a kid, not even as an adult…until I tried the organic, spicy, raw cultured beets from Vital Choice! They are good – REALLY GOOD. Pair these delicious beets as a side dish with this ginger chicken recipe (ginger is a potent gut-healing spice) and you get the […]

spicy jamaican pumpkin soup

GUT HEALING RECIPE: Spicy Jamaican Pumpkin Soup

With a combination of probiotics supplied by the kefir and the nutrients from the homemade chicken broth, this simple soup is a great addition to your gut healing program. If you do not tolerate dairy, simply skip the kefir for now and make a less creamy version of the soup. Remember that you can also […]

bone broth

3 Fantastic Foods for Digestive Health

Your nutrition is only as good as your digestion; luckily, you can use elements of your nutrition and diet to improve your digestion. The first place to begin is by eliminating the common culprits that can plague our gastrointestinal tracts. In general, if you are experiencing digestive issues, you’d be wise to avoid the following: […]

coconut apple

Coconut Breakfast Mix

A tasty breakfast treat that requires no cooking and is packed with antioxidants from chia & cacao, magnesium from pumpkin seeds, and healthy fats from coconut. A great way to start your day! Ingredients 2 cups of fresh coconut, cut into thin ribbons or flaked (can find shredded or ribbon coconut in grocery store) 2 […]

detox 2

The Best Way to Detox

You see them line the shelves of natural food stores and pharmacies: detox and cleanse kits. Boxes that often combine pills and powders citing benefits such as “cleansing your system” or “detoxifying your body”. Many ask the question: Are these products safe & effective? What is truly the best way to detoxify the body? Detoxification […]


Swiss Almond Smoothie

Tantalize your tastebuds with this delicious smoothie that packs the nutrient powers from cultured dairy, organic eggs, almond butter and flax. High in healthy fats, protein and micronutrients such as calcium, magneisum, potassium and vitamin E, this is a great quick fix when on-the-go or post-workout. Ingredients 10 oz. Cultured Organic Milk of Kefir 1-2 […]

biceps curl

The Best Way to Add Muscle & Increase Metabolism

Strength training is essential¬†in improving lean muscle tissue and enhancing metabolic response. Whether performed with free weights, cables, machines, suspension training or other tools, resistance-based exercise should always be a component of a well-rounded exercise program. Resistance exercise can target both slow twitch (Type 1) and fast twitch (Type 2) muscle fibers through applied techniques. […]

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