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top 10

Your Top 10

If you’ve been feeling frustrated with your weight loss or results with you fitness program, this brief exercise will serve to help provide some perspective and open you up to some new possibilities: 10 Things – Where were you? Write down 10 things that you were never able to do or struggled with before starting your […]

mediterranean tuna steaks

Mediterranean Tuna Steaks

Looking for a tasty alternative to fire up on the grill this weekend? Check out this simple recipe for tuna steaks with a Mediterranean-inspired topping. Ingredients 2 tuna steaks (6 ounces each, and about 1 inch thick) 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil Salt and pepper to taste 1 medium ripe tomato, diced fine 6 […]

natural foods market

Smart Shopping in Natural Food Markets

Natural and organic food markets have sprouted up everywhere, offering you a nearby source for “natural” foods, such as organic produce and other foods that are free of antibiotics, preservatives, growth hormones and trans fats. However, not everything in these markets is healthy. In fact, the layout of a natural food store can be challenging […]


Foam Rolling for Flexibility

Inhibited muscles create a myriad of potential problems from discomfort and soreness, to faulty movement patterns, to an increased risk of injury, to compromised joints. Static stretching techniques can be useful, but when the deeper fascia is affected, superficial stretching techniques are often unable to produce the type of release needed to free joints and […]

sugar soda pic

Don’t Drink Your Calories!

Did you know that a 20 ounce soda has about 17 teaspoons of sugar and over 200 calories?!   While many of us focus on food when we think of controlling calories, how often do we stop and think about our drinks? Empty calories and high doses of sugar are found in many drink options […]


The 10 Best Ways to Make Exercise & Fitness FUN

For many, the idea of traditional exercise and fitness can be, well, just plain boring. Getting motivated to begin and even more so actually adhering to some regular exercise and physical activity can be a challenge. In some part this comes from antiquated notions that exercise is limited to monotonous machine workouts and slogans such […]


Mood Monitoring

Our moods can be affected by a variety of factors each day: the stress we experience, the sleep we get, the food we eat, etc. How do you know which of these areas positively or negatively impact your mood? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to monitor your mood to determine what steps you […]


Bison Burgers with Greek Spread

Looking for something new and different to replace boring, old burgers? Try BISON as a great substitute. Bison in place of beef provides great iron, protein and healthy fat content. Bison is also rated at the top of the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI) amongst meats. The ANDI score was developed by author and MD, Dr. Joel Fuhrman […]


Iron Deficiency and Exercise

If you’re an athlete or an active person, you probably already know that exercise can put stresses on your body that ultimately increase your daily nutrient needs. What you may not know is that your daily intake of key vitamins and minerals is also crucial in supporting the body’s ability to exercise intensely. One essential […]

old people on hammock

How To Live Longer

Is there a formula for longevity? Researchers are looking for clues in the “blue zones,” locations around the globe where people live measurably longer than in the rest of the world. Explorer and author Dan Buettner and teams of scientists identified some of these longevity pockets and traveled there to examine the lifestyle characteristics that […]

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