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Archive for Exercise Articles


Thank you for ordering from DigestiveDetective.com! I truly value and appreciate your business. Shortly, you will receive your registration email and client packet with your program details. I look forward to working with you! Thanks again and remember to keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming specials, articles, and strategies for healthy living. Yours […]


How Faulty Digestion Can Wreck Your Thyroid

In my work with clients, I always begin with a comprehensive health assessment form and one area that gets checked off frequently is hypothyroidism. While many individuals, particularly women, have been clinically diagnosed with low thyroid function, others suspect it because of challenges with weight gain, thinning hair, sleep difficulties, and a whole host of […]

neck tension

Essential Stretches: Neck Tension

While we each walk around every day with different and unique postures and positions required by the work and activities we perform, there are some common areas of the body that tend to get tight and restricted on most individuals. Incorporate these 3 essential stretches each day to relieve tension in the neck. Sub Occipital […]

sweating exercise

The Best Workouts to Burn Fat FAST

Time is of the essence. With hectic schedules and hurried lives, it becomes vitally important for most of us to have workouts that are¬†efficient and effective without taking huge chunks of time out of our daily lives. The good news is, quick workouts are often the ones the provide the best results when performed with […]

Free Friday Workout

Happy Friday! Check out today’s free workout for a circuit that challenges core strength & stability, and improves metabolism at the same time! Core Conditioning Circuit Movement #1 – Multiplanar Lunge Stand with tall posture and feet together. Brace your abominal muscles. Step forward to perform a forward lunge dropping the back knee to the […]

toned hips

Mandatory Moves: Backside Builders

This video demostrates¬†three exercises to focus on when your goal is to strengthen and shape the backside of the body. The integrative movement patterns focus on posterior chain muscles that include the rear shoulders, entire back, hips and glutes. If your goal is to tighten your butt for beach season, strengthen your hips and back […]