The Transformation Has Begun!

dumbbell appleWe are officially 7 days into our 21-Day Body Transformation Program here at and so far the group is doing a fantastic job!

The first step in transforming your body begins by transforming your mind so our participant’s first step was to identify their "WHY" - their deep purpose and motivation for wanting change in their lives. After establishing their "WHY", they were tasked to make changes to their nutrition that have included eliminating gluten and cutting out alcohol. In addition to "subtracting" certain elements of their lifestyle, we've also added things by increasing their daily water intake and incorporating our "transforming three" exercises. Although a challenge, the focus has been to remain steadfast for the 21 days so that their bodies can realize the physical transformation as their minds adopt the new healthy habits. Here's some of the feedback so far:

"Wow!! Just finished the "transforming three" and my usual workout; I have a feeling I'll be pretty sore tomorrow! Awesome addition to mix up my routine."  - Jess

"This no "grains" thing is killing me but I've lost 5 pounds since Saturday!"  - Jen

The transformation is just underway as our group has 14 more days and 14 more ways to totally transform their bodies.

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Our next 21-day Body Transformation Program begins on February 5th - reserve your spot in this exclusive coaching program TODAY by emailing us at Cite "21-day Program Reservation" in your subject line and include your name and fitness goals. The program is limited to 20 participants, so it's first come, first served!

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