Our feature in the IDEA Fitness Journal!

Feb Fit Journal coverIn the current February issue of the IDEA Health & Fitness Association Fitness Journal, I am honored to be featured among a group of top-industry fitness professionals in an article entitled "The Best Boot Camp Moves You’re Not Using." In the article, I outline a unique variation on a traditional arm exercise that kicks it up a notch to a more integrated movement with additional shoulder and core stability benefits.

As the leading industry publication, the IDEA Fitness Journal is only available to professional members, but I wanted to share the exercise with you here. The exercise is geared towards trainers for use in their boot camps, but don't let that stop you from incorporating this move into your next workout!

Three-Point Triceps Kickback

Equipment: Dumbbells

Shoulder stability, core strength and upper-extremity endurance make this a truly integrative movement. Using this combination of body weight and free-weight resistance, you can take the traditional triceps kickback exercise to a whole new level of challenge and complexity. If equipment is limited, participants can work in pairs.

The Exercise:

Choose a light- to moderate-resistance dumbbell. Assume a prone position with feet slightly wider than hip width apart, and place the hands together, with the dumbbell close by. Engage the abdominals and lift the body into a hand plank push-up position. Lift the dumbbell with one hand, bringing it next to the rib cage, elbow high. From this position, brace the body and extend the arm to perform a kickback. Complete a set and then switch to the other hand. Perform for a specific time, or complete a set number of repetitions.

Regression: Keep the knee of the base arm on the ground.

Progression: Use two dumbbells and alternate the kickbacks.

Check out the video below for a demonstration and feel free to comment and share your questions!

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