Harness Your Inner Stuart Smalley

stuart smalleyYesterday I wrote about the 2 dirty words that create a mindset in opposition to achievement and change: CAN'T and DON'T. (check out yesterday' blog here)

In the course of creating change, harnessing your abilities, discovering your internal motivation and fostering a positive attitude are the key elements. Today, we'll examine the ways in which you can craft an "attitude of action" in your life.

Early Bird

The first habit you can establish in creating the right attitude is to get up an extra 10-15 minutes early and take stock in those things that you want to accomplish. This habit sets the tone for the day and can be done by journaling, taking a brisk walk as you repeat affirmations in your mind, or by simply sitting quietly in front of a vision board.

A Journey through Journaling

Journaling is a fantastic way to gain perspective on where you've been, where you are and where you want to go. There are no set rules for journaling -- you can choose the time, space and topic to journal about based on what you're thinking and feeling that day. You may even have separate journals for different area of your life: career, health, purpose, etc. The key is to write even if for only 10 minutes at a time to get ideas, goals, and insights out of your head and onto paper. Writing creates clarity and clarity precedes success. You may even be surprised at what comes out when you take time to slow down and reflect. Here are a few simple tips to enhance your journaling practice:

  1. Create a space that is quiet and relaxing in which to write - consider getting out into nature to clear your mind of distractions.
  2. Focus your writing on your primary goals.
  3. Enjoy the process without judgement or critique of your work. Journaling is designed to provide insights you can use to grow your life, reduce your stress and discover your purpose.

(For additional resources, see www.journaltherapy.com and www.intensivejournal.org.)

Become a Visionary

Vision boards are terrific tools for empowering a positive attitude within yourself. Vision boards are tangible, kinesthetic embodiments of what you want to do, be, have and accomplish in your life. As with journals, there are no steadfast rules with vision boards; they are free-form creative pieces that allow you to make a visual representation of what you hold in your mind's eye. Cut and paste words, images and anything that symbolizes your desires and ambitions for your life. Once you have created your personal vision board, take time at the start of each day to simply sit and reflect on it; allowing it to reinforce your positive attitude. (For more vision board essentials, visit here)

Affirmative Action

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog-gone-it, people like me." The humorous catch phrase from SNL character Stuart Smalley was an example, albeit a cheesy one, of an affirmation. Affirmations themselves are meant to develop a positive mindset and attitude. A great way to set the stage for an attitude of action is to start each day with some exercise coupled with the repetition of affirmations in your mind. Exercise, even brisk walking, produces a physiological effect with the release of endorphins. Paired with the affirmations, exercise creates a state of energy in both mind and body. Your affirmation can be a word or short phrase that you repeat over and over. Some examples might include, "I have an attitude of action!", "Strength, Energy, Vitality", or "I have a powerful purpose to create the life I want and deserve." Get your mind right each morning and notice the difference you feel throughout the day. (For more info on affirmations, click here)

Remember, attitude is everything - so arm yourself with an attitude of action that propels you forward to reach your ultimate goals. For a quick jump-start, complete my "Top 10" exercise.


Jason Bosley-Smith, CSCS, FDN is a certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach as well as a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist. He is the founder of www.digestivedetective.com – a comprehensive health, fitness and training website that provides articles, podcasts, fitness videos, webinars and customized online training/coaching for individuals seeking to improve the way they feel, function, look and live.


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