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WOW! I just finished my interview with Dr. Thomas Roselle of the Roselle Center for Healing and it was AWESOME! Dr. Roselle spoke about his new book Health Is A Do-It-Yourself Program.

celebrating healthIn the book, Dr. Roselle expands on the Triad of Health, the Five Factors and their interdependence on establishing optimal wellness. The impetus of the book lies in the idea that YOU have control and can take responsibility for creating your ideal state of health through focusing on enhancing the structural, emotional and chemical aspects of your body and mind.

Health Is A Do-It-Yourself Program is full of practical exercises and applications designed to guide you in achieving total health regardless of where you are currently. You'll learn how to focus on the concepts BE-DO-HAVE and to eliminate social hallucinations that impede your progress towards being well.

Check out Dr. Roselle on Facebook and get a great deal on Health Is A Do-It-Yourself Program here:

If you missed the interview, listen to our podcast recording of it HERE
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