Tuna & Black Beans with Salsa

You want simple. You want fast. This recipe has them both.

Packed with protein, high in fiber and full of healthy fat, this "quick fix" can be put together and packed in the morning for a healthy lunch-on-the-go.

tuna beans salsaTuna & Black Beans with Salsa


2 cans/pouches chunk light tuna

1 can black beans

½ avocado

½ cup salsa


1)      Open tuna and drain.

2)      Open can of black beans—drain and rinse.

3)      Slice and pit avocado—dice into cubes.

4)      Place tuna, beans and diced avocado into bowl or container.

5)      Add salsa and mix entire contents.

6)      Serve and enjoy. * For added spice and heat, sprinkle some Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy seasoning into mix.

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