Squash Medley Soup

squash soupSquash is a versatile vegetable, high in soluble fiber, which is often soothing to the gut for those with digestive troubles. This recipe combines the fibrous benefits of squash and carrots with the digestive aid (and deliciousness) of homemade bone broth.


  • 1 cup summer squash
  • 1 cup winter squash
  • 1 cup carrots
  • 2 cups shiitake mushrooms
  • bones of 1 whole chicken
  • 3 whole Sage leaves
  • Rosemary
  • Real Salt


  1. Prepare chicken bone broth from the bones/carcass of a whole chicken you bake in the oven or from bones picked up from a local butcher. (for a basic bone broth recipe, visit here).
  2. Once broth has finished cooking (8-12 hours) in pot or slow cooker, remove bones and strain broth through fine mesh strainer. Let broth cool and scoop/remove top layer of solidified fat.
  3. Peel carrots and squash. Chop squash, carrots and mushrooms into small cubes/pieces.
  4. Pour broth back into pot.
  5. Add vegetables and herbs.
  6. Simmer on low for 1-2 hours adding salt and herbs to taste.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Glycine, proline, glucosamine and other amino acids from bone broth
  • Soluble fiber from squash
  • Beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin from carrots
  • Adaptogenic and anti-cancer properties from shiitake mushrooms as well as B vitamins & iron


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