Mood Monitoring

moodsOur moods can be affected by a variety of factors each day: the stress we experience, the sleep we get, the food we eat, etc. How do you know which of these areas positively or negatively impact your mood? Wouldn't it be great to be able to monitor your mood to determine what steps you can take to ensure it stays even-keel each day? What if there was a way to consistently determine how the meals you eat daily influence your mood and energy levels?

A fantastic new tool is available from a firm called HealthCentral based on technology licensed exclusively from Johns Hopkins University. This IT tool is a simple text message delivered daily to your phone at a set time interval which has your rate your average mood and can serve as a window into learning which patterns, places, people and things (such as your nutrition) directly influence the way you feel each day.

During our assessments and re-assessments, one key factor of healthy lifestyle we look at is energy level. The challenge with this measure is that it is relatively subjective and doesn't necessarily have a quantifiable way for us to track. This tool on MOOD247.COM can provide more of a tangible number or measure over the period of several weeks to gain a better understanding of the pattern of your mood and energy over time. With a broader scope such as this, we can then more aptly assess how certain lifestyle elements (stress, sleep, exercise, nutrition) are affecting your health and then set specific goals for improvement.

Best of all, the mood monitoring service is free, so visit and register today. During your next assessment and/or coaching session, we'll pull your information on mood when looking at the energy level category and discuss ways to fine-tune your program to enhance your sense of overall well-being.

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