New Year’s Resolutions Template

new-years-resolutionsYard by yard, life is hard; inch by inch, it's a cinch.

Desire and dreams are things you enjoy.  Fix your mind on the FUTURE success you will have.  Dreams take creative thinking, strategy and good, old-fashioned hard work. Belief means having the confidence that what may not be readily apparent NOW actually already exists in the FUTURE.  Obstacles should be viewed as springboards to BIGGER and BETTER opportunities.

Proactively working toward achieving a dream is a process of trial and error, setbacks and dead ends, disappointments and discoveries.  That's why you have to LOVE the process, be PASSIONATE about the dream of making your life the best it can be.

Set up a DREAM BOARD.  Fill it with pictures of what your life WILL become.  Post it where EVERYONE can see it. LOVE seeing what is to come. It keeps your DREAM ALIVE!

Building the your life will be like running a 100m dash:

  • Starting blocks: head down, VISUALIZING the future.
  • Accelerating, where the most effort is required.
  • Top end speed: Up & running, hitting on all cylinders.
  • Finish & slowing down: Time to reflect, learn, RECOVER and set a new training plan for the next race.

Take it one day at a time  and do something to get 1% BETTER every day. Use a template for plotting out your plan for success.

Break It Down

The biggest mistake that most people make when setting a resolution is being too vague and not accompanying their goal with a specific strategy. You need a PLAN OF ATTACK; and that plan needs to be broken down into smaller, manageable steps to prevent it from becoming too overwhelming.

The greatest tool I've seen and personally used is from business leader and coach Wayne Cotton. Wayne's work was first introduced to me by my mentor Todd Durkin and I've used it ever since. Wayne provides a strategy for breaking things down into an Annual Roadmap, then into "90-Day Wonders" for each quarter of the year. To categorize it for greater organization, he then focuses on 4 main areas:

Blue Sky - strategic planning/creative thinking

Green Machine - income and revenue generation

Red Tape - administrative work and education

Mellow Yellow - personal time and relaxation

Check out Wayne's site No Brown Days for free downloadable sheets that outline the entire process.

ACT Planning Template

Everyone has used a "to-do" list at some point -- the problem is that these lists are simply full of random broad tasks that provide no real sense of direction for achieving a specific goal. From the 90-Day Wonder, you can delineate tasks to each month, then break it further down to create a planning worksheet for each week. Follow this template to set yourself up for success and take the necessary steps to get closer to your end result each day.


The positive, proactive steps you will take each week to drive you closer towards your ultimate goal. Be specific here, and set actions that are realistic and have a definitive time-frame and outcome.


At the end of each week, list the challenges you encountered while working towards your goals. Again, be specific here and constructive as to the nature of the obstacles you faced.


List the areas where you triumphed and reward yourself for "approximate success." Approximate success can be defined as reaching some form of your goal or action even if not exactly what you had planned. Circumstances changes so be sure to count your near completion success for the vital tasks you've outlined for yourself.

Reflect on the challenges and look for new opportunities that arise from them. Make notes at the end of each week with new ideas, lessons learned and ways to make adjustments in the grand scheme of your plan.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart... He who looks outside, dreams.  He who looks inside, awakens."

- Carl Jung



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