Feeling Empty and Unsure – It’s Ok Not to Know

unsure woman As I sat across from my beautiful teacher, she said, “Jeanie, how about you be a ‘not-know-it-all.’ What if when someone asked you about your next step you said, ‘I don’t know.’?”

Wow, that felt scary to me. This not knowing, this void, felt very unsafe. I’ve always been someone that had goals, achieved them and was on to the next one.

But, all the sudden I felt this great void. My current role wasn’t fulfilling. I knew there was a greater purpose seeking to unfold, but I didn’t know what it looked like, how it would take shape or how I could make a living at it.

I wanted to trust and surrender, but a part of me that needed to know to feel safe was still holding on tight. I was surrounded by all these successful entrepreneurs that seemed to have such clear visions and I started to wonder when my fog would lift.

Rather than being okay and “loving what is,” I became withdrawn. It felt easier to hide or to push then surrender to what was seeking to come forth.

Little did I know at that time that my experience of this scary transition zone would be a key to helping others navigate through their “scary times.”

So, if you are normally that do-it-all kind of person remembering everyone’s birthdays, dotting every “i” crossing every “t” and are known for your ability to get it all done and have it all together, but just can’t get yourself to feel that way now, know you are okay.

If all the sudden you find yourself withdrawn and not wanting to do anything, it’s okay.

If you normally have a clear vision, but now it seems cloudy, it’s okay.

If you are normally the life of the party, but now don’t even want to go, it’s okay.

If you are normally excited about a new day, but now feel a sense of dread or wondering why you are here, it’s okay.

Whenever you are making change in your life, this emptiness and letting go can be valuable parts of the process before bringing in the new.

During this process you may find yourself not wanting to connect with others. When we are "out" in society, it tends to want to know what we are doing, where we are going, what's next. How have you changed the world today?

So, when we feel that sense of not knowingness it can make us want to not talk to anyone or be around people or correspond, even if we are usually that "do it all" ,"be all" type person.

So, if you find yourself experiencing any of the feelings above, honor wherever you are at.

You are going through a lesson in trust and surrender (some deep lessons). But, the more you practice loving what is, getting the support you need, and allowing the next part of you to unfold, the more you move through the process with ease versus fighting every step.

Trust that everything is part of your process. Even the ugly parts. So, if you feel ugly or unsure allow yourself to love even that part of you.

It is usually these times of upset, pain and emptiness that force us to go deeper and work on our “stuff.”

So, whatever you are going through now, know you can navigate through this. Trust that you are guided in each moment and that help and answers always arrive.

It can be easy to want to be attached to how the solution will look. But, when you are truly in a state of surrender, you are open to all possibilities, even ones that may seem painful on the surface.

Please seek support during this time. Ask for help and know it will come to you – whether on the web, through a book, through a friend, through a teacher or through your own inner guidance. Your next step is always there. Your inner voice is always speaking to you. Allow yourself to get quiet enough to listen.

Know that there is sunlight beneath every cloud.

Much love to you in your process!

Life coach and spiritual teacher, Jeanie Barat guides you in your process of self-mastery by helping you release what is holding you back, tap into your inner wisdom and live your life purpose.  To learn more and get instant access to a guided meditation visit http://www.JeanieBarat.com.

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