Beyond Organic – The Journey

Beyond Organics

by Jordan S. Rubin

When I tell people that I have recently fulfilled a dream of mine by creating a sustainable, “beyond organic” ranch/farm, most immediately jump to the same conclusion. “So, you plan to raise grass-fed beef and pastured chickens and eggs, and milk organic dairy cows, goats and sheep” they assume. While I’m a huge fan of consuming grass fed meat and dairy, and am extremely passionate about transforming the health of our nation and world, this project is about completing a journey I started 15 years ago—and it feels less like a choice and much more like a responsibility.

You don’t have to look far to see the signs that our nation is in peril—and that we need to act in order to preserve the resources we’ve been blessed with in America today. Our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is quietly under siege, and yet many of us do not realize it. We have been lulled into a false sense of security and a false sense of sustainability that has largely left us complacent and oblivious.

Have you every wondered what would happen to you or your family if the three to four days worth of groceries at your local supermarket were not replenished? What would you do for food, water, and medicine? It’s an extreme example, of course, but I would guess that most people would never even ask the question or consider their level of preparedness if such an event took place. Our dependence and even addiction to the existing industrial food machine has led to a disastrous “dis-connect” between US and our FOOD.

In my view, we are at a critical crossroads as a nation and our current path is NOT SUSTAINABLE—in any sense of the word. And its not just about the food we eat—whether it is organic or not. Its about our health, our families, our communities and our economy. How much longer can we skate on such thin ice?

Pierre Chardin was a French philosopher and Jesuit priest and he bestowed this wisdom upon the world and I think it is particularly apropos for this discussion: The future belongs to those who give the next generation hope.
I’m Jordan Rubin and welcome to my ranch. We can always use a helping hand because, you see. . . we are Farming for our Future.

The JourneyCureforCrohns

In 1994, I was stricken with Crohn’s disease along with multiple other illnesses. It completely turned my life upside down. In fact, it sent my life into a death spiral, one that was not reversed until I began to eat the whole living foods and powerful probiotics that my body needed to survive and thrive.

As part of my journey back to health, I lived in an RV that I parked in front of the beach and sometimes a local health food store parking lot in San Diego. What would drive me to this? I parked near the beach to breath the fresh ocean air and in front of a health food store that provided the raw dairy, grass-fed beef, fresh, raw produce and fermented foods that my ailing body needed, and those foods were often in short supply. I would wake up and try and be the first person in the store to secure my raw dairy, eggs from pastured chickens, fresh grassfed meats and organic produce. This is the time when the vision for this farm began. As I regained my health, I vowed that I would one day ensure access to all of these healthy foods for myself and my future family.

I want to make that point crystal clear. I never want to be without the foods that helped transform my health. This is even more important to me in an age where the government increasingly tells us what we can and can not eat—this is especially true with raw dairy. As a husband and father, I want the ability to provide the foods that I believe bring life for my family. Not taking my health for granted means being as close to the source of the food as possible, and the best way to do that is to control the supply.

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